Friday, 22 April 2016

How To Arrange A Surprise Birthday Party For Your Mom

So it's finally the time to brighten up your mom's birthday with appreciation and lots of surprises. And in order to make her feel special, all you need is a little bit of planning. There are many ways of making your mom happy on her birthday. Purchasing flowers and gifts from Morwell and presenting them to her is one of the best ways to do that. Alternatively, planning a surprised birthday party is also an excellent idea!  Stated below are some simple tips that you can follow to arrange a surprise birthday party for your beloved mother. Have a look at the following: 

Make a guest list
Remember it's not your party. Hence, always prefer to add and invite those people with whom your mother loves to spend time. The guests can be her friends, siblings or other close relatives. 

Keep it a secret
Never let your mom know about the surprise party you are trying to arrange for her. Request the guests not to send any birthday wishes or messages through text or call. Hide all the decorations and party supplies in such a place that your mom won't likely check.

Choose an unexpected location
Choose a venue that your mom would expect the least.  It is advisable to choose a restaurant near to your home. This will help you to avoid the problems on logistics. 

Choose a theme for the party
There are a lot of theme options that you can choose from for your mom's surprise birthday party. Make sure that the theme you pick matches with her personality. If you have set a “Retro Theme” for the party, then you can gift her a dress related to that. Ask your guests to wear matching dresses as per the theme too. If she asks why have you bought such an uncommon dress for her, then simple say that there is going to be a family photo shoot and everyone needs to wear dresses like that for it.

Plan the menu
Planning the menu is another important factor while arranging the party. Make sure to organise the menu according to your mom's preferences. For example, if she prefers chicken more than pork, then include more dishes made with chicken in the menu. 

Transform the party into a family reunion
Ask your guests to arrive at least half an hour before your mom enters the venue. As soon as she goes inside, start signing the birthday song along with everyone else. Arrange for some family activities too. Request your mom to participate in those activities. She will just love to spend her special day with all her beloved friends and family members!


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